P diddy dating nicki minaj

22-Aug-2017 09:22

The same folks who claims that Nicki Minaj hates Rihanna also claims that the two Caribbean beauty are dating. but Rihanna didn’t help to quell that rumor either.

She once tweeted she wish she was dating Nicki Minaj in addition to grabbing her ass-ets at the American Music Awards. Not only is she dating Rihanna, but she also hooked up with Diddy around the same time.

And she did that all while she was engaged to a mystery man.

Whether they are true of false is all up to how much you know about the rapstress. Some unknown source claims that Nicki Minaj is mad at Rihanna fot instigating the fight.

Perhaps the biggest asset in his entire portfolio, though, is the multi-platform TV Network, Revolt TV, which could yield a huge sale price if he continues to build it up.