Consolidating emails gmail

26-Aug-2017 23:16

By showing all the emails from two different labels, you can assign all the emails in the search results to a new label, effectively merging the labels together.

This can help you group your business emails into a general category even if they are assigned different labels. Go to your Gmail inbox and type the following in the Search box: label:name OR label:name2 Replace "name" and "name2" with the names of the labels you wish to merge.

Threading is when your email service sorts your messages so that all the replies and forwards are grouped together rather than just listing them in the order they arrived in your Inbox.

It’s also referred to as “conversations.” The screenshots below show an example of each type in Gmail.

You can create, change, and delete email aliases using the UVA Email Address Management System once you have a Permanent UVA password.

You should know though that you cannot be logged into more than one Google account at a time in the same Web browser, unless you enable an optional feature to log into multiple accounts simultaneously.

, you will need to know the full addresses of both your old and new Gmail accounts.

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