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Glamour: Have you guys remained close over the past 10 years? Glamour: How is this album, , different and how has your sound changed?

Jacob Underwood: It's funny hearing those old records. The maturity and tone of our voices has changed so much.

He thanked followers for keeping his family "in your thoughts and prayers these last critical 48 hours," but also expressed anger, writing, "Bottom line: this is what drunk driving looks like and not a soul alive deserves to be put through this kind of life-altering trauma due to the irresponsible and disgraceful actions of others." RELATED: Kristin Cavallari Says Hubby Jay Cutler Has Been Taking Care of Her After a Rough Couple of Months Our thoughts remain with the family during this difficult time.

One Direction is in no need of a new fifth member, but after the departure of Zayn Malik, they have one former boy bander who's willing to take on that task: O-Town's Ashley Parker Angel.

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At the time, O-Town was the first inaugural signing to Clive Davis' powerhouse label J Records. Ten years later, things are a lot different, and the band (minus Ashley Parker Angel) have reunited for a brand-new album () and tour. Erik-Michael Estrada: We all wound up in the same place, and we were able to get done what we needed to get done to reunite.

Glamour: I was just re-watching the music video for "All or Nothing." When's the last time you guys watched that? Erik-Michael: We all had a chance to watch it before we started filming our new video. [*Laughs*] __Jacob__: My pants got a lot tighter, and my hair is a lot shorter now! __Jacob__: And you'll never catch me in a shiny Sean John suit again that was 10 times too big!